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ADHD have you feeling stuck?

Gain new tools for a brighter future

Gain your focus.
Claim your life.

The key to greater productivity and life satisfaction is to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter saves time for the stuff that really matters. Our evidence-informed blueprint drives a process in developing essential skills necessary for your success. Let us help you connect with the people, resources and tools toward achievement.

Wherever you are on your ADHD journey that’s where we start.

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ADHD Life Coaching Meets Employment Preparation

If you know someone with ADHD-traits, you've likely observed a clever, loyal, humorous, hard working, determined, sensitive individual. AND - you've witnessed the meltdowns and shutdowns as a result from an accumulation of unmet needs and missed opportunities. You wonder if life will always be so intense and that perhaps something "more serious" is going on?

We are here to help ease your concerns and connect you with the resources that will see you through.

Personal Empowerment
Develop effective tools and strategies to navigate challenging personal and workplace scenarios with greater success.
Lifelong Learning
Meaningful Employment
Thrive in a supportive workplace that understands the value of mutually beneficial employer-employee relationships.
Workplace Performance
Match with Employers of Choice, and thrive in a diverse and supportive workplace environment.
Employer Partnerships

Customized Employment & Career Counseling Programs

Career Continuity is our premuim program open to eligible Manitobans. It is a FREE learning process designed to advance personal, employment & self employment aspirations.

Set the Foundation

  • Understand your brand of ADHD
  • Get clear about your goals
  • Gain self-awareness
  • Access helpful resources and tools
  • Manage time and projects

Work the Plan

  • Stay on track with accountability
  • Learn target skills to mastery
  • Work with structure, systems, and tools
  • Eliminate digital distractions
  • Make positive choices as you go

Enjoy a Brighter Future

  • Be equipped to manage challenge
  • Keep meaningful employment
  • Grow financial independence
  • Experience positive social relationships
  • Complete your education and gain certification

Evaluate • Educate • Employ

Are you experiencing frustration when attempting to understand the unwritten rules of the workplace?

Many people just like are you seeking to align their interests and talents in new ways, in a new economy. Career Continuity is a process tailored to your educational and skills development connecting you with new learning and professionals, employers and the community at large knowledgeable in supporting your growth.

  • Identify your strengths to build coping strategies
  • Create new tools and systems that set you up for success
  • Transform strategies into tangible, achievable goals
career continuity

Career Continuity  

In partnership with the Government of Canada, we are committed to offering programmes and services to meet the needs of people living with disabilities. Our mission is to help even the playing field for all Manitobans.

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Coaching for Professionals

ADHD coaching is a specialized area of life coaching and skills development that leads to greater understanding of your unique brain wiring and how to leverage your strengths for impact at work.

My clients have long-term goals centered on their job or career. These might include finding a new job, reentering the workforce after a break, deciding whether to stay in a current position, or to prepare for next stages of growth in career and business pursuits.

Working with a certified and experienced coach will help you reach your goals as you build a transferable toolkit of strategies, tools and resources specific to your work role and life circumstances.

In partnership, we will develop practical steps you can take with clear, measurable goals and target strategies that you rely on as you take control of your future.

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Intrepidi Professional Consulting Inc., is a private business with a social purpose. We are the hub for resources, processes and results. With a group of professional advisors dedicated to advancing human dignity and potential as we navigate change in our personal lives in context of a fourth industrial revolution. access to specialized ADHD and LD-related education, skills and accountability coaching. Intrepidi approach is integrative and solution-focused drawing on experience as a certified educator and ADHD coach; curriculum developer, project manager, and business owner.

A trailblazer in program design and  delivery models. The only certified educator and ADHD coach in Manitoba. National and International coaching clients since 2011.

In partnership with the Government of Canada, IPC Inc., designs and delivers personal and employment-focused programming for persons with disabilities in Manitoba. Advancing employer awareness across industries.

96% gain coping skills for self-management.
86% employed in their field of choice 3 years post-completion.
85% said - highly recommend CC process. "Put in the work and reap the rewards. This program is gold."

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Is it adult ADHD?

Discover common symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in this non-diagnostic self-test.

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Man self screening adhd

What people are saying...

"Working with Michelle has truly helped my son to believe in himself."

Michelle has been instrumental in motivating my son, keeping him on track, and teaching him valuable work and life skills required to secure meaningful employment. Working with Michelle has truly helped my son to believe in himself. Now, he has secured a really good job with an eye on the future.

Susan W., Mother of A Young Adult With ADHD
"Michelle has made a huge difference in my life."

I have come to appreciate the mind-brain-body connection and learning. I am now able to recognize the thought and behavior patterns that were holding me back from learning new things. I now approach new challenges with more confidence and persistence than ever before. My reading, writing and comfort level with technology has greatly improved.

Mid-career Adult in Return-to-work Training
"You could reach a potential that you aren’t even considering a possibility right now"

When I began meeting with Michelle, I was very skeptical; I believed I was above needing help and that if I wanted to be more successful, I should just work harder. A year has passed since then and I am more productive than I could have ever imagined. Michelle didn’t just give me a list of things that I should change, she got to know me and worked with me to help find strategies that were tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. This kind of highly personalized process was exactly what I needed. I strongly recommend seeing Michelle.

Brian, Law Student
"The result in working with Michelle is building confidence and learning to live again"

I have learned many new techniques for directing my attention on how to work with prioritizing multiple projects and staff that work well for me. I am no longer in a state of emotional overwhelm. The result in working with Michelle is building confidence and learning to live again … using my ADHD traits as an asset rather than a crutch.

David, Mechanical Engineer
"This program is gold"

You’ll have to experience this for yourself. All I can say is that this program is gold, do it and don’t be guarded. You get what you put into it. Good luck and enjoy it.

Miles K., recent graduate
"Working with Michelle is a game changer."

I no longer experience hesitation, in the past I would hesitate about everything, I felt like I could never get anywhere or get anything done that would move me ahead in my business and my life. Michelle inspired me to take on the work to shift my beliefs and behaviors. As a result of this work, I have increased self awareness and tools to make good choices and to move forward I am enjoying running my business and creating a stable future for my family.

Eric - Business Owner

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