The ADHD Entrepreneur Guide to Tech Tools

To continue our series on Entrepreneurs… Tools of the Trade

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Organize your long and short-term projects with Apps such as Evernote and Dropbox. Services like Slack and Asana allow you to communicate with a team. Try tech tools for organizing documents and communications between stakeholders.

If you have difficulty writing or keeping track of notes, Assistive Technology can help. Dragon Naturally Speaking is software that allows you to verbally process and express ideas, which automatically convert to text while creating emails, documents, and articles. LiveScribe Pens can assist you with meeting notes by digitizing your handwriting and recording audio of what was discussed.

Manage Paper-Flow Effectively over the Short- and Long-

Many ADDers have a love-hate relationship with paper. If you process best by printing off your daily schedule, making adaptations by pen/pencil, or working on projects with materials spread around you, ensure you have a system in place to clean up at the end of each day. Set up a working folder as a go-to, and place older materials into a themed binder as reference. Purging paper files with a clutter buddy on a semi-regular basis will stave off being swamped by an overload of paper.

Create Systems for Filing

Implement comprehensive filing systems to maintain paperwork and simplify annual tax preparation. Color code binders and matching folders by theme. Place all receipts in a separate electronic folder or large envelope with the date (month, year) clearly written on it. Create a weekly follow-up plan to tie up loose ends on your ongoing projects.

Automate Billing

Set up an effective bill-paying system, such as automated banking, to meet payment deadlines and avoid penalties and interest charges. Set up a policy for yourself around when and how you will make payments, and implement the same process for collecting payment for your services; the simpler the better! Most online banking services will allow you to schedule bill payments in advance and alert you by email or text message of the transfer. Online services also exist to help freelancers keep track of billing and invoices.

Michelle Intrepidi is a certified ADHD and Executive Function Coach based in Winnipeg, MB

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