Career Continuity Program

Sponsored by the Government of Canada, Career Continuity "CC" helps people living with disabilities, specifically, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and/or Specific Learning Differences (SLDs) to gain perspective, tools, and strategies required to craft a life of meaning and purpose.

We can act as a point of contact for you to access a range of additional professional services, employers and local businesses for you to gain solid work experience through our paid internships.

Our mission is to facilitate new learning with real-time solutions toward sustainable employment for all eligible Manitobans.

We provide the resource support and best practices for hiring persons with a disability in accordance with the Accessible Canada Act.

Please follow the link below and fill out the form. Staff will contact you to review the next steps to your brighter future.

Features & Benefits

We encourage and support all people to reach their personal and professional goals

Participant Profile

  • Self-identified as a person with a disability
  • Legally able to work in Canada
  • Experiencing barriers in employment or self-employment
  • Young adults transitioning to education or employment
  • Referral by a medical professional, advisor or employer

We help a diverse range of people to secure, maintain and grow sustainable employment and business futures benefiting all Manitobans. We connect  and help prepare employers to onboard and retain qualified and prepared staff through paid internships.

Features & Benefits

  • El la Carte tailored modules to meet employment goals
  • Access assistive technologies, software, and training
  • Create a blueprint of strategies and milestones
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Build career branding tools to attract the right employers
  • Psychological testing as part of your treatment plan
  • Access local employers who value diversity and inclusion
  • Paid work experience to refine technical and soft skills
  • Upon completion earn a digital certificate for your growing portfolio, and skills to build a new life

Life coaching meets employment preparation

Unlock your potential with a multimodal approach to behavioral change

Access a one of a kind comprehensive training and coaching program open to all eligible Manitobans. CC is the only multi modal process proven to benefit people with disabilities, specifically, ADHD, LDs to move beyond labels to discover strengths, values, skills and talents. Beyond career management to build self awareness, systems, strategies to support who you are as you pursue dreams and adventures.

ADHD Coaching is part of Career Continuity's multi modal approach to overcoming the obstacles that hold you back from achieving your aspirations. This diagram shows overlapping areas that compliment entry points for ADHD management that are available to participants enrolled in CC.

ADHD Coaching Venn Diagram

Program eligibility

In partnership with the Government of Canada, we are committed to offering programmes and services that meet the needs of persons living with disabilities. Our mission is to help even the playing field for all Manitobans.

find out if you are eligible
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Paid Interships Lead to brighter futures

96% of participants maintained their employment
*3 years post CC program completion
From that first job to your dream career. We start where you are.
We take the time to dive deep with our participants to equip them with current labor market research, employment standards, soft skills, digital networking/marketing tools connecting you with opportunities and so much more. With a proven record of successful engagement with local businesses.
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Employers of Choice

Do you value human diversity and inclusion with a desire to create a workplace accessible for all employees? Join an expanding network of outstanding business leaders acknowledged as Employers of Choice in Manitoba. Hiring for diversity makes good business sense.

Gain a dedicated employee contributing to your business goals
Observe new employee's work skills prior to hiring permanently
Showcase your leadership in the business community
Experience a new perspective on workplace training
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