Career Continuity

Career Continuity is named for an individualized learning process that is more than just getting a job or pushing through another training program.

CC offers talented people living with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and/or Learning Differences (LDs) a responsive approach to advance personal and professional aspirations.

We are here to advance access to the appropriate resources and opportunities to increase sustainable employment for individuals in our community.

Overview of Process


Turn intention into action!  Know and appreciate your true-self; feel confident in making decisions which positively impact your life.
Develop effective tools and strategies to navigate challenging personal and workplace scenarios with greater success.
Find lasting meaningful employment opportunities that align with your knowledge, skills and abilities.
Thrive in a supportive workplace that understands the value of mutually beneficial employer-employee relationships.
Match with Employers of Choice, and thrive in a diverse and supportive workplace environment.

Participants Profile & Benefits

Designed to address ADHD-related challenges tailored to your personal and performance needs

Participant Profile

  • Self-identified as a person with a disability
  • Legally able to work in Canada
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Young adults seeking meaningful employment

All Manitobans are eligible to apply. We serve people seeking assistance with to find, keep, maintain and grow their employment options.

To be eligible to participate in this program, please click on the link below and fill out the requested information. We will contact you once the information has been reviewed.

Features & Benefits

  • Individualized learning plan
  • Psycho-educational assessment
  • Workplace skills development
  • Access to local employers
  • Paid work experience
  • Career, education and ADHD resources
  • Assistive technologies and software
  • Identify and understand how unique brain wiring influences how you learn and work most effectively
  • Develop effective coping strategies to minimize stress response
  • Strengthen personal management and workplace skills to secure, maintain and grow employment opportunities
  • Identify and secure sustainable paid employment gaining marketable skills, self-confidence, and a network of support

Life coaching meets employment preparation

Unlock your potential with a multimodal approach to behavioral change

Access a one of a kind comprehensive training and coaching program open to all eligible Manitobans. CC is the only multi modal process proven to benefit people with disabilities, specifically, ADHD, LDs to move beyond labels to discover strengths, values, skills and talents. Beyond career management to build self awareness, systems, strategies to support who you are as you pursue dreams and adventures.

ADHD Coaching is part of Career Continuity's multi modal approach to overcoming the obstacles that hold you back from achieving your aspirations. This diagram shows overlapping areas that compliment entry points for ADHD management that are available to participants enrolled in CC.

Program eligibility

In partnership with the Government of Canada, we are committed to offering programmes and services that meet the needs of persons living with disabilities. Our mission is to help even the playing field for all Manitobans.

find out if you are eligible

Reaching Your Professional Success

"Employers have recognized for some time that it’s smart business to have a diverse workforce – one in which many views are represented, and everyone’s talents are valued. Well, disability is part of diversity."
- Thomas Perez
We provide meaning job placement for people with disabilities and find the right place for them to achieve their professional success.

Employers of Choice

Join an expanding network of outstanding business leaders known as an Employers of Choice in Manitoba. Get ahead of the curve with best practices of diverse and accessible workplaces.

Hiring for diversity makes good business sense.

Generously supported by the Government of Canada.