Michelle Intrepidi

Your professional partner in change

My role is to facilitate change for you utilizing evidence-informed processes and strategies to forge a new way of living and working that makes sense for you.

My mission is to help people navigate through this new economic reality. To take this time and make it count in meaningful ways. Whether it be your time to go back to school and complete a degree, launch a business (or, keep your business afloat), or begin a journey of career change.

Teaching, training and advising in private and public sectors led to the creation of Career Continuity (CC). A learning and career preparation process free to eligible Manitobans generously sponsored by the Government of Canada. Designed to remove barriers to employment for persons with disabilities.

I remain curious and dedicated to build bridges of understanding and awareness in our communities to advance positive outcomes for those living with ADHD, and specific LDs.


My learning is endless and enjoyable thanks to the fascinating people I get to work with daily. serving thousands of individuals developing their self awareness, self-management, executive functions and employability skills – a continuum of support at pivotal stages – emerging adults,  post-secondary students, career professionals in transition.

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What people are saying...

"Working with Michelle has truly helped my son to believe in himself"

Michelle has been instrumental in motivating my son, keeping him on track, and teaching him valuable work and life skills required to secure meaningful employment. Working with Michelle has truly helped my son to believe in himself. Now, he has secured a really good job with an eye on the future.

Susan W. ~ mother of a young son
"Michelle has made a huge difference in my life"

I have come to appreciate the mind-brain-body connection and learning. I am now able to recognize the thought and behavior patterns that were holding me back from learning new things. I now approach new challenges with more confidence and persistence than ever before. My reading, writing and comfort level with technology has greatly improved.

Cliff R. ~ an adult living with ADHD and Dyslexia (diagnosed at age 48)
"You could reach a potential that you aren’t even considering a possibility right now"

When I began meeting with Michelle, I was very skeptical; I believed I was above needing help and that if I wanted to be more successful, I should just work harder. A year has passed since then and I am more productive than I could have ever imagined. Michelle didn’t just give me a list of things that I should change, she got to know me and worked with me to help find strategies that were tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. This kind of highly personalized process was exactly what I needed. I strongly recommend seeing Michelle.

Brian O. ~ Corporate Lawyer
"The result in working with Michelle is building confidence and learning to live again"

I have learned many new techniques for directing my attention on how to work with prioritizing multiple projects and staff that work well for me. I am no longer in a state of emotional overwhelm. The result in working with Michelle is building confidence and learning to live again … using my ADHD traits as an asset rather than a crutch.

David M. ~ Mechanical Engineer
"The Career Continuity program is gold"

You’ll have to experience working with Michelle for yourself. All I can say is that the CC program she has developed is golden. Do the work and don’t be guarded. You will get out of the process what you put into it. Good luck and enjoy it!

Miles K. ~ Healthcare Professional
"Working with Michelle is a game changer"

I no longer experience hesitation, in the past I would hesitate about everything, I felt like I could never get anywhere or get anything done that would move me ahead in my business and my life. Michelle inspired me to take on the work to shift my beliefs and behaviors. As a result of this work, I have increased self awareness and tools to make good choices and to move forward I am enjoying running my business and creating a stable future for my family.

Eric G.  Business Owner